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    TomLee Guest

    Default using my iPad to control some of lights and other electronics

    I am controlling my appliances with insteon modules on the hardware side and Indigo 4 on the software side of things. One of Indigo's features is a web server. The webpages it serves all update whenever there is change. That's what allows the iPad to interact with Indigo.

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    ZUDD Guest


    I am a Star Trek fan so I tried to make my first version look like trek padd. The top buttons activate macros that change several devices with one press. The middle section allows the devices to be controlled directly. The bottom section is misc. buttons. Below is a grab of how it looks now.

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    AutoLady Guest


    Any one else doing any sort of home automation with their iPad? What software and hardware are you using?

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    BAT Guest


    you can roll out a Star Trek app for the iPad in future.

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    EXT25 Guest


    We have some X10 home automation modules here in SGP, but I've never seen a web interface that links back to port 8176 to control home appliances with the exception of some surveillance devices.

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