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    WeeLi Guest

    Default KORG microX doesn't act in response to any automation

    My KORG microX doesn't act in response to any automation I put on my MIDI tracks.

    As I have numerous MIDI tracks each routing to a main monitoring track that holds the KORG microX VST plugin. If I put automation curve for volume on track x the microX just completely ignores it.
    I am looking for any help, if anyone can guide me….

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    TomLee Guest


    I always played only with 1 external synth but judgment sensibly, have you plugged the midi out from your soundcard to the Korgs midi in?

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    WeeLi Guest


    The microX is connected to my PC via USB. The main monitor track is sending all MIDI data to the synth perfectly but NOT the automation.

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    ZUDD Guest


    I don't think Reaper currently sends any MIDI from the track automation envelopes. You probably have to use the MIDI editor and CC's for that..........

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