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    Default Global Cache Hardware Integration

    Global Cache Hardware Integration

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    Global Caché Network Adapters Control & Automate Common Devices over a Network As the number of homes and businesses with high-bandwidth Internet and networking capability has grown dramatically, so has the number of people who want to take advantage of their connected environments. Beyond access to information and services, the networked home and business can be so much more.

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    The Global Cache Network Adapters can connect to a network utilizing TCP/IP to infrared (IR), serial, relay and sensor inputs that can interrupt or be polled by another network device, such as xLobby. An embedded web server allows easy configuration and setup from any browser.

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    Using network-based automation and control software, you can be safer, more energy efficient, and have more convenience and fun. Software can control and automate entertainment centers, security, lighting, irrigation, and all the appliances and devices throughout the home and workplace. Control and automation is all about saving money, time, and making life easier. GC-100-06 (6" unit), GC-100-12 (12" unit), and GC-100-18 (18" unit) Unfortunately, most devices such as TVs, stereos, and security alarms can't communicate over networks.

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    Top-to-bottom proprietary systems can control these devices, but are extremely expensive and require specialized dealer training for installation. Recently, more affordable control and automation software, based on open systems and standards has become available. However, to use the new open systems software, multiple devices and sometimes piggybacked equipment is necessary to connect various types of household devices to a network. This method can be quite expensive, somewhat complex, and often unreliable. Global Caché's cost effective and easy-to-use GC-100 is designed to solve those problems.

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