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    WWF_Champ Guest

    Default Automate external synth in ableton

    am not sure how to automate external synth in ableton"s arrangement view.i connected my electribe, and ableton writes and electribe reads,and plays back back all the automation data in session view,but i would like to edit, lets say,cut off parameter and maybe add few more automation lanes in arrangement view..

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    WeeLi Guest


    check the Electribe manual, which should give you more information on whether this is possible, and, if so, how to do it.

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    TomLee Guest


    well,I think you are probably missing something

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    ZUDD Guest


    it depends on what parameters can be MIDI-controlled, which you can find out in the manual for that hardware. You'll also want to look to the manuals for information on what messages to send for which parameters.

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    AutoLady Guest


    It depends on what the Electribe can receive through MIDI -


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