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    hadia Guest

    Default What job would suit me?

    Hi friends I want to do something that I will enjoy. I am still young in my 20s and my best skills are my personal skills and confidence. I'm a cheeky Londoner and I like to use my charm and charisma. I like to be in the city, and I like to make people laugh. I like flexibility, 9 to 5 is kind of boring but whatever I wouldn't complain too much if I was really in a position I enjoy. So what do you think would suit me as a career?

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    Jana212 Guest


    You can do something in sales, That includes having to be confident, cheeky.. and well, I am sure you could use your charm on the ladies? but yeah, something in that field possibly? Or have you considered being a Holiday Rep? You have to be pretty confident and outgoing to be in that job, plus working in the sun, doesn't sound too shabby, does it? I hope you're happy with whatever decision you end up making though.

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    JIM Guest


    Sorry, we cannot suggest you a career you will be..It simply you need to know your wants and interest by that you will know your best career to be...

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    Kum Guest


    i would suggest you to be in the field of marketing. As you love to interact with people and have good social circle so that best career i would suggest you to go for is marketing.

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    Kam_ew33 Guest


    You have to follow what you want and what interest you most, you should be thinking in a positive way... "Achieving Takes Believing in Yourself and In All That You Do"

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    mrjohn12 Guest

    Default Your interest

    Yes your interest is the first matter to think here . Here people are saying about marketing and also for other sectors but it sometimes can be difficult for you to do a job you are not interested in . You make people laugh that's okay but it can be same in case of your job that can be wrong . So please think yourself first and then decide .
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