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    hadia Guest

    Default Resumes and/or CVs tips

    Resumes and/or CVs tips

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    Jana212 Guest


    Different countries may have different requirements and styles for CV resumes. So you should use the specific style related to countries where you are going to apply..

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    JIM Guest


    Donít just copy standard CV samples, Your CV should be your own, personal, and a little bit different then the otherís. If you are a student then you must be taught some standard way of writing CV, follow that approach, because that must be relevant to you culture.

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    Kum Guest


    Things that should be mention on cv are..
    Personal details
    Work experience

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    Kam_ew33 Guest


    Your CV should be typed on a word-processor, proper formatted and printed on a good quality printer. Use bold, underline print for headings. use same font types and size.

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    LISP Guest


    Use plenty of white space, and a good border round the page remember that You are not designing a magazine cover. Your CV should be spell and grammar error free..

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    MrTee Guest


    Your CV must be easy to read, precise and attractive.

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