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    HardDisk Guest

    Default Can I start a career in sales?

    I am now 35 years old and now I realized that I can be good salesperson as my skills suite to this field, now I want to start my career in this field, I am just looking from where I should have to start…
    I have marketing experience but in the context of working for an environmental charity.
    My goal is to become a medical sales rep but i don’t really know how to go about overcoming my current lack of direct sales experience.

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    Jana212 Guest


    You have to follow what you want and what interest you most, you should be thinking in a positive way...

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    JIM Guest


    All i can say is do what you really want to make you happy....

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    Kum Guest


    Marketing degrees are built upon a wide range of subjects including market analysis, advertising, public relations, and brand management. Becoming a Salesperson is not an easy task. The sales of your company are rely on you. If you don't have skills in selling then it might be the end of your business.

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    brianachievepeak Guest


    If you are well experienced in the field then there are number of vacancies for you and you task will be valued. You should start with the company or may take advice from a good corporate trainers. For more details visit:

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