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    Default Graduate Student Looking for a Job

    Graduate Student Looking for a Job

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    Jana212 Guest


    I have recently done my graduates in economics and now doing master in the same subject and now looking for a job too, what should I do????

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    JIM Guest


    You should apply in your currently school as a Research Assistant, it will help you in your study and will save your time as you wouldn’t have need to go some where else….

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    Kum Guest


    further studies will not only upgrade your knowledge but also helps you to come out from a feeling of depression .so if your financial status is sound then its better to study otherwise apply for a job…..

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    mrjohn12 Guest

    Default A problem of developing countries

    A graduate student looking for a job . It's a common problem in mainly developing countries . But I know what the main problem of these people and want to say how to solve ? in thee cases the process of their study its with some mistakes of the institutes which are making them graduate and they should be aware of this problem when they are students . They should do something which can make them more experienced or skill . Because in this busy world there a lot of works to do but we have to learn how to do that .
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