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    FatBoy Guest

    Default Unsure about job career

    I am still unsure of what career I really want to pursue. I am a graduating student of IT in a respected university of our place. I earned a reputation of being an A student. I always got high grades in almost all subjects. However, there is still doubt in me because I do not know what specific field in Information Technology I must pursue. Honestly, IT is not my passion. My real passions are Law and Psychology. Now, I am confuse about my future.

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    govin Guest


    If you don’t have any interest in IT then you shouldn’t continuo with this field, because one can’t be 100% success full in any field but don’t have 100% dedication and interest in that field, I thing to be success full in any field you should love with that and should must have passion about that..

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    HardDisk Guest


    Yes, I am agreeing with govin if you have time and don’t have other constraints, you should go for law or psychology…

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    hadia Guest


    I think people should begin thinking of self employment instead of think about looking for jobs, please think of starting a business.

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    Jana212 Guest


    If we know where our way to go than it is very easy to make a route for this but if we don't where we have to go than it will make a big problem for us. So it must be need of us to do better we have to think better and passionately.

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