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    EXT25 Guest

    Default MBA or Certifications ??????

    I have been working in a big software firm for more than two years now. I have done my MSc in science from IIT 3 years ago. Will it be a right move if I acquire an MBA degree in HR or Management after 3 years or should I do some certifications in IT related subjects to get a good job after the gap? Will I get a good paying job then? Please advice....

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    FatBoy Guest


    If you ll go for some new degree then I ll defiantly give you benefit, anf don’t worry about gap because you got some experience in these 3 years that is also good for perfassional career, just goo ahead…
    Best of luck…

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    govin Guest


    You should do master in that field you are interseted more, if you are doing it related job then, it certification is also good option…

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    HardDisk Guest


    I thinks MBA management is good….

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    hadia Guest


    You will surely get more income after doing another master…..
    Just do this…
    Best of luck..


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