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    Default Should i take a permanent job?

    Hi, I am a student and now a days it is my university holidays for 3 months, I am looking for my first job, but since i am only 18 and i have never had a job before I m wondering if i can take a permanent job and still quit the job after few months for my university course.
    I am asking this because most jobs I have found are permanent ones....

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    EXT25 Guest


    Feel free to take a job - but avoid telling the employer you intend to leave. This looks bad from any applicant….

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    FatBoy Guest


    I think it is not ethical right you should start a job on contract basis not a permanent because when you are going to work somewhere the first thing to be a success full is to be honest and loyal with that organization……

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    govin Guest


    While most jobs are full-time or permanent jobs, rarely does someone stay with the same job forever (as much as some companies would like the best employees to stay). So I would go for it. l wouldn't be turned off by the words permanent or long-term. I do agree with the poster above me who suggested not telling them you are looking to quit the job for school though. When the time comes, be sure to provide your two weeks or one months notice (whichever you feel will put the company in the best position to hire and train your replacement). Good luck!

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    HardDisk Guest


    No job is "permanent", you can get a job and then quit it but it will affect your CV in a bad way. I suggest you have an online job writing articles.


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