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    Chand Guest

    Default Software Developer Trainee

    Hi everyone,
    I am doing graduates in computer science, and now studing in my final year, and I want to work as Software Developer Trainee now so, that it would be a strong point on my CV when I ll do apply for some job after completing my graduates…
    Am I thinking on right way???

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    ZUDD Guest


    Yes, it would be surely a strong point on your CV and you would get more chances to get a job and interview calls…

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    EXT25 Guest


    There is no doubt, that this is valid point but as you said you are in your final year now, then it can cause bad effect on your study, you should give proper time to study firstly and then think about the rest of things….

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    FatBoy Guest


    Do some internship only if you have some extra time then your study, don’t ignore your study for this, you ll surely get some more chances in future…
    Best of luck…

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    govin Guest


    If you can manage easily then you should do some practical work with study and that is again related to you study….

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