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    cad4321 Guest

    Default Posting a job vacancy

    Before posting a job here you should consider some things as
    post an accurate, but brief description of the vacancy.
    No self-employment type adverts - ACTUAL jobs on.
    No agency speculative adverts
    I will be using this forum to post links to vacancies that I find interesting, Other members feel free to do so too!

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    Chand Guest


    I am inquisitive as to why you do not permit businesses, self employment opportunities, etc to be advertised on your site, especially as this is the current way things are going world wide.

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    ZUDD Guest


    This is good thing as we want quality links that would be beneficial for others if one is going to advertise his/her business then their couldn’t be purity and it ll be only business supporting ads.

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    EXT25 Guest


    It's good i want to post my company job vacancy
    and i read your all points who want to follow by use.


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