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    ZUDD Guest

    Default want to do more work at same place..

    I work for few hours in a week in my current job that is not enough for me, I want to do some more work, should I ask my employer for this or start to think about some other work with this?? How should I phrase my request when asking for more hours?

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    Benty99 Guest


    Firstly consider you interest, do you enjoy this work??
    If you are happy with it then you should ask to your boss for more work….

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    cad4321 Guest


    Yes,Benty is right if you are happy with this work then firstly make a list about the things that you like most in your work and talk to your boss and show him/her your interest about your work…

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    Chand Guest


    I suggest you to talk to your boss because you are familiar and comfortable with this environment, so it would be easy for you to continuo here..

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    ZUDD Guest


    OK, how should I talk to him????

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    EXT25 Guest


    By just saying something like "I really love working here because I enjoy helping people, dealing with the customers" etc or whatever your reason is.

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    FatBoy Guest


    You could say like "I am struggling financially however and really need to find a position that offers more hours and therefore pays more, what would the chances be of increasing my hours here?".

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