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    Jana212 Guest

    Default features and benefits of Quick Test Pro(QTP)

    features and benefits of Quick Test Pro(QTP)

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    JIM Guest


    This is used for Key word driven testing , and best suitable for both client server and web based application

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    Kum Guest


    it provides the VB script as the script language and a best error handling mechanism….

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    LISP Guest


    it gives an excellent data driven testing features

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    arnoldanderio12 Guest


    qtp is mainly used for functionality testing.qtp is user friendly both technical and non technical users can easily access.qtp has two views

    keyword view and expert view

    in keyword view when u record a test it genarates the script in tree is very easy to understand.if u want to view the vbScript use the expert view.

    qtp has active screen using that u can enhance the script with out navigating to the u can insert checkpoints and synchonization points.

    qtp has automated documentation.when u start recording it genarates the autodocumentation in plain english.

    using qtp we can parametarize objects,checkpoints,datadriventables.this will give more flexibility.


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