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    Omer Guest

    Arrow Modbus

    MODBUS® Protocol is a messaging structure developed by Modicon in 1979, used to establish master-slave/client-server communication between intelligent devices. It is a de facto standard, truly open and the most widely used network protocol in the industrial manufacturing environment.....

    It is literally implemented by hundreds of vendors on thousands of different devices in order to transfer discrete/analog I/O and register data between control devices. It's really a lingua franca or common denominator between different manufacturers. One report called it the "de facto standard in multi-vendor integration".

    For more information please check [url][/url]

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    Andrew Guest

    Talking What is MODBUS protocol?

    I new in controls and want know what is MODBUS protocol?

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    pchipkin Guest


    There are lots of Free Modbus test tools, articles and converters at

    Information includes cabling, specs
    Conversion to Bacnet, Lonworks, Metasys N2, Rockwell, GE, Omron ...

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    Kam_ew33 Guest


    Modbus has more pains then Ethernet.

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    apedybal73 Guest

    Default What is MODBUS protocol

    I have created a serial device with protocol Modbus RTU Slave. I also created some channels and asigned the respective modbus addresses. I can monitor the activity in the port but there is no response from DAQfactory, I see only RXs. I am not sure how to configure the channel table see attached. Where do I specify the modbus address i.e 40001 in Ch# or Mod Slave#? What effect does the I/O Type parameter has? I can not change it.


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