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    Default assemble own CPU

    How to assemble own CPU?

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    It is not so tough to Assembling your own PC. As long as you have all the right parts its just a matter of mounting them in the case and plugging in the right cables.

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    Should we have to set jumpers and manually setup your hard drive????

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    No, this is not really now, that was the old days when you had to set jumpers and manually setup your hard drive in the BIOS of the motherboard.

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    Go to a computer parts store and select what you want they can make sure all the parts match. Then you basically mount the motherboard with the CPU and RAM in place, hard drive, CD ROM, and any extra cards like sound or network. Most motherboards will have built in sound, network and video which will be adequate for most users. then plugged the hard drive and CD in and the ribbon cables or SATA cables depending on what type you are using are plugged in. Attach the CPU fan power to the motherboard and also the power supply plug to the motherboard. You may also have a smaller plug that goes to the motherboard in addition for power.Attach the small wires for the power button, reset switch, hard drive light, power light and internal speaker to the motherboard. You may also have additional USB ports on the front of the case that will need to be plugged into the motherboard. You may also have a sound cable that runs from the CDROM to the motherboard or sound card if you have an add on sound card.
    after plugging everything you can plug in a keyboard and monitor and start it up. If all goes well then you will see the configuration on the screen and it will recognize your processor, RAM and drives.
    Then you can put in your Windows or other operating system CD and boot to it to start the installation.

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