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    HardDisk Guest

    Default Split string in SQL - Pick the first substring

    Using SQL Server 2005, how do I split a string so I can access first sub string?

    For example, take the string "This is a Cat". How can I split the string by a space and access the item at index 1 which should return "This"?
    May be we can split in an array ?
    I am thinking in C# mode

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    Chand Guest


    I don't believe SQL Server has a built-in split function, so other than a UDF, the only other answer I know is to use the PARSENAME function:

    SELECT PARSENAME(REPLACE('This is a cat', ' ', '.'), 2)

    PARSENAME takes a string and splits it on the period character. It takes a number as it's second argument, and that number specifies which segment of the string to return (working from back to front).

    SELECT PARSENAME(REPLACE('This is a cat', ' ', '.'), 3) --return Hello

    But there is a limitation. It won't work if you have period (.) in string

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    Chand Guest


    You may find the solution in SQL User Defined Function to Parse a Delimited String helpful (from The Code Project).

    It is a long read but I am sure you will find it helpful.


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