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    cad4321 Guest

    Question MSSQL: Concatenate many rows into a single string


    I have a table as below. It is just a sample.

    Sales Amt Sales Person
    ------------ ---------------
    142 Mary
    142 John
    142 Sam
    222 Alaina
    222 Edward

    I want to get it as

    Sales Amt Sales Person
    ------------ ---------------
    142 Mary, John, Sam
    222 Alaine, Edward

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    RonR Guest


    Sweet .... I remember i had a similar problem which i solved through interface language instead of SQL. Very tiresome ..... Anyhow time changed .... Here is how you can do it. You lucky Man!

    Select distinct ST2.SAmt, 
                   substring((Select ','+ST1.SName AS [text()]
                    From dbo.Salers ST1
                    Where ST1.SAmt = ST2.SAmt
                    ORDER BY ST1.SAMT
                    For XML PATH ('')),2, 1000) [Sales]
             From dbo.Sales ST2

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    cad4321 Guest


    Thank you very much.


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