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    EXT25 Guest

    Default HOST file Update Issue (LOCKED in Windows7)?

    I need to update Host file with correct IP address of my Mondicon PLC as I can't ping it.
    However, once I update file, I can't save it. I login as Admin.
    How to update host file in Window7?

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    iPLC Guest


    Yes, in Winodows 7, it is locked for edit. Here is what you can do (what I do :-)

    Copy HOST file (Ctrl + C)
    Paste HOST file (Ctrl + V) in you MyDocuments folder ( or any other folder.
    Open it, Edit it, SAVE it.
    Copy this edited HOST file (Ctrl + C)
    Paste this edited HOST file (Ctrl + V) in your actual HOST file lcoation and chooser OVERWRITE when prompted.


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