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    Cool Difference between Modbus, Modbus Plus, and ModbusTCP/IP?

    Can anyone help to understand the difference between Modbus vs Modbus Plus vs ModbusTCP/IP?
    Please help me to understand this puzzle.
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    Modbus is a Serial Master/Slave protocol. Modbus can run over any Serial type media (like fiber, copper, wireless, modem, etc..)

    Modbus Plus is a peer-to-peer protocol (runs at 1 mbs). The Modbus+ protocol specifies the Software Layer as well as the Hardware Layer. Proprietary cabling and terminators must be used with a Modbus Plus network.

    ModbusTCP/IP is an EtherNet based protocol. Modbus-TCP means that the Modbus protocol is used on top of Ethernet TCP/IP. It is an open Industrial Ethernet network which has been specified by the Modbus-IDA User Organization in co-operation with the Internet Engeneering Task Force (IETF) as an RFC Internet standard.
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