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    Lightbulb Sample PMP Exam # 1

    PMP Exam Sample Question # 1 :

    On your project, you want to ensure that each requirement adds business value by linking it to the business and project objectives. This also provides a means to track requirements throughout the project life cycle, helping to ensure that requirements approved in the requirements documentation are delivered at the end of the project. The document that helps to achieve this is called:


    A) Requirements Documentation
    B) Brainstorming
    C) Requirements Management Plan
    D) Requirements Traceability Matrix

    Correct Answer:
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    Q # 1

    At what point are cost and staffing levels highest in the generic Project Life Cycle ?

    A) At the start of the project
    B) When the project work is actually being performed
    C) At the close of the project
    D) These levels remain even throughout the project

    Correct Answer : B

    Q # 2:
    Which of the following is a tool and technique of the "Develope Project Charter Process" ?
    A) Project Selection methods
    B) Facilitation techniques
    C) Project Management methodology
    d) Project Management Information System.

    Correct Answer : B

    Q # 3 :
    What is a work breakdwon structure (WBS ?
    A) It is deliverable-oriented decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team, to accomplish the project objectices and create the required deliverables.
    B) It is a heirarchically organized depiction of the project organization arranged so that the work packages can be related to the performing organizational unit.
    C) It is a heirarchically organized depiction of the resources by type to be used in the project.
    D) It is a heirarchical tabulation of the physical assemblies, subassemblies and componets needed to fabricate a manufactured product.

    Correct Answer : A
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    Q # 4:
    In which of the following organizational structures do project managers have high or total authority ?
    A) Functional
    B) Matrix
    C) Pojectized
    D) Balanced

    Correct Answer : C

    Q # 5
    Which of following definitions of a project stakeholder do you think is most appropriate?
    A) An entity that performs activities to accomplish objectives
    B) An entity whose interest may be affected as a results of the project execution.
    C) One who is responsible for managing the project.
    D) An enterprise whose employees are directly invovled in doing the project work.

    Correct Answer : B

    Q # 6
    Which of the following is true about "Supportive" PMOs ?

    A) Mandates compliance through various means
    B) Provides a consultative role to projects
    C) Directly manages the projects
    D) Makes the project manages redundant

    Correct Answer : B

    Q # 7:
    Who determins which processes from the process group will be employed to acheive the desired objective ?
    A) The CEO
    B) The most senior project team member
    C) Project Manager and the projec team
    D) A project initiator external to the project organization

    Correct Answer : C

    Q # 8 :
    What is the process for aggregating the estimated costs of individual activites or work packages to establish a cost baseline known as?
    A) Estimate costs
    B) Plan Cost MAnagement
    C) Control costs
    D) Determin Budget

    Correct Answer : D
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    Q # 9

    Why would you need to do qualitative risk analysis ?
    A) To develop options and actions to enhance opportunities and to reduce threats to project objectives.
    B) To determine which risk might affect the project
    C) To prioitize risks for subsequent furhter analysis or action by assessing and combining their probability of occurance and impact.
    D) To decide how to approach, plan and execute the risk management activities.

    Correct Answer : C

    Q # 10:
    Which process group consist of processes required to complete the work defined in the project Management Plan ?
    A) Planning process group
    B) Initiating Process group
    C) Monitoring and controlling process group
    D) Executing Process group

    Correct Answer: D

    Q # 11:
    During which phase the project would you suggest an integrated change control process
    A) Throughout the project
    B) Initiation
    C) Closure
    D) Intermediate

    Correct Answer : A

    Q # 12

    Whic of the follwing project management processes is not inculuded in the monitoring and controlling process group

    A) Control scope
    B) Perform integrated change control
    C) Control Quality
    D) Control Quality assurance

    Correct Answer : D

    Q # 13
    Which document states what is to be accomplished and what deliverables need to be produced ?
    A) Project Charter
    B) Project Scope Statement
    C) Project Management Plan
    D) Performance Report

    Correct Answer : B

    Q # 134
    Which of the follwing activities is not concerned with developing the project charter?
    A) Documenting the business needs
    B) Project Justification
    C) Collecting output of the planning processes
    D) Current understanding of the customers' needs

    Correct Answer : C

    Q # 135
    Which of the following is not a planning component ?

    A) Control Account
    B) Milestone List
    C) Rolling wave Planning
    D) Decomposition

    Correct Answer : A
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