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    Rob Guest

    Default PMP Mnemonics - Knowledge Areas and Processes

    I recently passed PMP exam in first attempt. I used PMBOK 4th Edition and wanted to share Mnemonics learned during 4 day training.
    These help to prepare Mapping diagram on page 43 of PMBOK.

    The five process groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, Closing)

    I Plan to Eat More Chocolate

    I > Initiating
    P > Planning
    E > Executing
    M > Monitoring & Controlling
    C > Closing

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    HardDisk Guest

    Default Mnemonics for Knowledge Areas

    To redraw mapping on Page 43 (before examp), I used following to remember Knowledge Areas...Worked GREAT for me....

    I Saw The Cat, Questioning Her Commuity Role Play.

    Project Integration Management
    Project Scope Management
    Project Time Management
    Project Cost Management
    Project Quality Management
    Project Human Resource Management
    Project Communication Management
    Project Risk Management
    Project Procurement Management

    Good luck!!

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    BAT Guest


    Great .... thanks for sharing


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