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    Rob Guest

    Default Data archiving - MySql, OSIPI, Historian or MSSQL?

    We are upgrading our current Lab View to some better system. Basically need to archive data and not sure which way to go......
    MySQL, MSSQL, Historian, OSI PI etc

    Any suggestion would help

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    Default AVOID MSSQL or MySQL based Historian....

    AVOID any historian based on MSSQL or MySQL, especially if you have large system.
    Pick any Time based Archiving system like GE Proficy Historian or OSIPI....

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    I recently installed GE's Historian on a site and it rocks!! easy to install and configure, fast archiving and cool features like Store and Forward in case connection to Historian break.
    Excel Add in provides easy reporting tool and I created dynamics reports with out any coding....

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    HP_HP Guest


    One of the problem with MSSQL based historian are performance and cost and above all involvement of IT.
    If you are in controls, get time based historian and life will be easy.


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