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    Post Dell D630 - Can't mirror screens - Solution?

    Dell D630 -Windows XP SP3
    My laptop is not showing dual monitor properly. I want the screen on my laptop and on the projector mirrored in demo. However it work in extended monitor mode.
    When I right click on Desktop, Properties and then Settings, "Show two Computers" - OK.

    When I hit Ctrl and F8 (the CRT/LCD switch) and select the middle option ("two monitors"), the projector shows a blank screen, which is actually the extended desktop as I can move my cursor from my computer to projector screen. The same way I can a drag file from screen 1 to screen 2.

    This causes a problem. It works okay when I use PowerPoint, but not when I demo my software. In PowerPoint we can select monitor 1 or 2 from drop down.

    In display settings for monitor 1, both "Use device as primary monitor" and "Extend my Windows monitor onto this monitor" are grayed out and checked.

    For monitor 2, "Extend my Windows monitor onto this monitor" is unchecked.


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    This problem is most commonly seen when someone use Presenters Mode/View in Power Point Presentation. It changes your setting and set you Monitor to Extended Monitor mode and even if you remove check box, still you don't see miorror and see 2nd monitor or projector as nothing attached. I have seen this in Dell D630 Latitude and Vostro and many other computers with NVIDIA...

    Once you are done with Presenters mode (where presenter see notes but Viewers don't), simply open NVIDIA Control Panel or software of your video card and select Dual Monitor mode. Same is true for other brands. Simply open manufacturer's control panel/software to manage it.

    Remember if you have installed any video controlling software that will take preference over OS controls.

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    Default That worked.....

    Thanks, that was it....

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