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Thread: What is RS-422?

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    Kum Guest

    Default What is RS-422?

    Can anyone give me idea about RS-422?

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    SJAY Guest


    RS-422 provides for data transmission, using balanced or differential signaling, with unidirectional/non-reversible, terminated or non-terminated transmission lines, point to point, or multi-drop. In contrast to EIA-485 (which is multi-point instead of multi-drop), EIA-422/V.11 does not allow multiple drivers but only multiple receivers.

    RS-422 is a balanced electrical interface capable of operation of T1 s***ds or greater.
    It is most commonly implemented using a D-type connector with 37 pins.
    The actual connector is specified in the RS-449 specification.

    RS422 is a balanced serial interface for the transmission of digital data. The advantage of a balanced signal is the greater immunity to noise. The EIA describes RS422 as a DTE to DCE interface for point-to-point connections.

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    Default Rs-422

    A good place to start with that is Wikipedia. It is used to extend the RS-232. There are converter cards and gateays that assist in linking these.


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